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Islamic Management Course Online

Islamic management course is for the individuals associated with business, banking, finance, marketing, accounting and auditing. It will give them guidance about managing services from an Islamic point of view. However Islam is the only religion that focuses on pure management free from any kind of interest of bribery. Generally the Islamic concept of management is unique and different from all other customs, cultures and religions. So there is no place for bribery and interest in the Islamic system of management. It is the reason for the success of its system worldwide. Interest-free management is the best management.

Thus a graduate-level Islamic management course is going to conduct by the competent staff of ALIM University to equip the students with essential management skills with Islamic perspectives. The focus will be on principles of accounting, quantitative techniques, philosophy and practices of Islamic management. As well as principles of economics, Islamic finance, Usul-e-Fiqh, Ayaat and AL-Hadith Ahkam in management, Akhlaq-e-Islamiyah, and many others in different semesters. After course completion, the graduates are expected to serve as Shariah Compliance officer, administrative executive, Takaful officer and management consultant. So get enrollment in this online course that is for of cost and becomes a great asset for your community.

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Islamic management course

Islamic management course


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