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Islamic Leadership Course Online

Leadership is not an easy task to handle. However a leader is answerable to Allah about his nation. A great leader is responsible, honest and just. Leadership is a very big responsibility. In this stage of fear, violence and uncertainty, we are committed to providing an environment to educate you about honest leadership. So our Islamic leadership course is to provide the leaders aspiring community with such tools and techniques that they need to become effective and competent leaders. Therefore we train them to face the challenges with great zeal and turn the stressful situations of the nation into peace.

Generally a great leader understands the problems of his nation and puts his best efforts to solve them. So our aim is to train our students spiritually and intellectually to accept the challenges. The course content includes lessons and research consisting of a description of leadership. As well as locus of leadership, Islamic perspective of great leadership, and leadership style of Muhammad (PBUH). The trained students after this diploma will be highly equipped with the skills necessary for great and honest leadership. Thus the purpose of this diploma is to promote the preparation of such an environment where people don’t fear to believe their leaders. Enrollment in this diploma is open now.

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Islamic Leadership Course Online

Islamic leadership course


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