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Islamic Khateeb Course

Islamic Khateeb Course is specifically for the male members of the Muslim community. Because they have to deliver Khutbas on different occasions such as Khutba-e- Jummah, Khutba-e-Eid, and others. Therefore learning how to deliver effective Khutba to keep the audience interactive is not a thing to worry about anymore. Now you can get the Islamic Khateeb course by confirming your registration at ALIM University. However the trained and highly qualified staff is educating the students to learn this auspicious and skillful knowledge.

The students are embellished with the knowledge of the Holy Quran, Hadith, detailed Tafseer, Fiqh, Seeah-tul-Nabwi, Islamic Aqidah, Islamic history, history of religions and history of prophets. The students after having command over the theoretical approach of these subjects, then move to the next level. Such as practical approach etc. At this level, students trained to prepare speeches and Khutbas, practice and deliver in little crowed. When they gain some confidence they are asked to deliver Khutbas in a large crowd to eliminating the leftover reluctance while speaking. Students also educate about the best and related materials to choose for speeches and Khutbas. If you want to become a confident Khateeb, then this course is for you. Take the advantage of the opportunity of free enrollment and register yourself.

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Islamic Khateeb Course

Islamic Khateeb Course


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