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Islamic International Relations Program

After the establishment of an Islamic government in Madinah, making efforts to keep international relations with neighboring countries was also a top purpose. Because it can help to spread Islam to other regions as well. However developing useful and delightful international relations is an attractive characteristic and a great symbol of Islamic Society. So islamic international relations program for those. Who have interest in international relations and want to enhance their knowledge and skills about the field. Thus this is a Master’s degree and Ph.D. level program will conduct by the most hardworking and competent staff online at ALIM University.

Generally the key components of course, include language, literature and culture, politics and government, cultural studies, politics and international politics. Graduates will be able to develop an understanding of the international relations in the region. And awareness of the different perspectives and debates within this field. The course is designed for advanced-level studies. So the focus will be on developing an understanding of the complex political and cultural issues in a frequently changing environment. Now If you feel you are eligible for this program, the “register now” button is waiting for you to click to enter in the world of islamic international relations program.

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islamic international relations program

islamic international relations program


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