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Islamic Genetics Program

Islamic Genetics Program is a graduate-level program to educate the students about the study of genetics and hereditary. Therefore It is association with Islam. So the course is planned for all the Muslims who are interested in understanding in-depth knowledge of genetics but only with Islamic Perspective. However This course will help the students in understanding the phenomenon of genetics and hereditary easily. Students will learn about the relationship between the environment and the genetics.

Thus the ALIM University has made it easy to get access to this high-worth program by making it available online. The study design includes the comparison of the passages from the Quran and Hadith with modern genetics concepts. Such as recessive inheritance, genetic variations and counseling, sex chromosomes and cytoplasmic inheritance, interactions of genetic environments. As well as determination of gender, and “pairing in the universe” hypothesis. And the students will equip with the knowledge of the genetics and hereditary mechanisms with an Islamic perspective, After on the completion of this course. So the study design includes both theoretical and also practical approaches.

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Islamic Genetics Program

Islamic Genetics Program


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