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Islamic Gender Roles Studies Online

This course is best suited for those who finds themselves interested in the field of gender studies. So islamic Gender Roles Studies course focuses on exploring gender through multiple aspects, such as ethnicity, culture, class, religion, sexual orientation and nationality with Islamic point of view. However the course is worth taking to have a clearer understanding and analysis of the interdisciplinary and intersectional nature of different genders in a critical and thoughtful way. Thus the Alim university First time offers the master degree level course.

Generally the course process comprises of introductory and descriptive lessons, critical analysis, survey, quizzes and exams at different sections to make a thorough assessment of students. Also the topic of gender inequalities on the basis of Islam will  specifically address in this course. The students will be able to critically analyze how transnational and inter-sectionalism leaves an impact on individuals. Also the reason of the the issue of gender being a core issue in all cultures. As well as how the social justice movements are facing inequalities and inconsistency worldwide. The islamic Gender roles Studies course can be best for you if you feel yourself fit for this study. Now you can a part of this online course easily. Just clicking the “get registered” option.

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islamic Gender Roles course

islamic Gender Roles course


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