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Islamic Counseling Course Diploma

Islamic Counseling Diploma is for anyone who needs counseling and personality development. In this era, when mental health issues are increasing day by day. Then the importance of the Islamic counseling Diploma cannot be neglected. Therefore at this time of Hate and violence, a person dealing with depression needs a good listener and counselor. Who can console him with his tenor words and motivate him towards a normal life with encouraging sessions. But no one has time to listen to the problems and issues of others, and if someone has time for others, he is the real kind human, a counselor.

However to promote kindness and eliminate depression ALIM University is now conducting a course, unique that is the Islamic Counseling Diploma. And it is online and freely available for all Muslims. Generally psychologists, professionals, individuals looking to make a change in their career As well as an individuals who want to strengthen their family nuclei can also register to enhance their skills of counseling with an Islamic perspective. Thus the diploma content consists of developing good listening skills, understanding the causes of depression, developing a problem-solving approach based on Islam, skills to use kind words to console and others. If you also feel tenderness and kindness for others, this diploma is for you.

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Islamic Counseling Course Diploma

Islamic Counseling Diploma


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