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Islamic Banking Finance Course Online

In this modern era, we have to face interest (Riba), in almost all kinds of business matters, banking, finance, life insurance policies, and many other fields. Interest is illegal (Haram) in Islam. So Islamic banking finance course deal with banking and other business matters without being involved in interest. Allah says in the Holy Quran

Quran 2:275
“And Allah has declared the interest (Riba) illegal”

Being Muslim, we must avoid taking interest in all situations no matter what. Because most financial matters associate with banking either directly or indirectly.

Now the online Islamic Finance course conducted at ALIM University help us a lot in this regard by educating us about Islamic finance and banking. However this course is available online to educate all the Muslims associated with banking and business. Generally this program covers the Islamic perspective of wealth, core aims of Shariah and law, the importance of Zakat and Sadaqah. So it focuses on different aspects of Islamic law such as types of transactions, ownership categories and common elements of a contract. Islamic insurance is also a part of this program. So you can avail yourself of the chance to gain this education. So get registered in the Online Islamic Finance program.

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Islamic banking finance course

Islamic banking finance course


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