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Islam and Psychology Course Online

Islam and Psychology are closely related to each other. It is just not the religion of prayers. But it helps to shape human behavior, mind, body, and soul properly. Therefore the purpose of Islamic psychology is to maintain the balance between mind, body and soul. So that it can attain the status of inner peace and contentment and a state of Nafs-e-Mutmainnah. When this balance disrupt, a state in which Nafs-Ammaara prevails. And the peace and contentment also get disrupted. Thus the Islam and Psychology course help us to maintain this balance between mind, body, and soul.

ALIM University is offering Online Islam and Psychology program to educate us about the connection between Islam and Psychology. The program is designed to provide students not only the theoretical but also the practical perspectives of psychology and Islamic sciences. Generally the outcomes of this program include articulating classical Islamic philosophical, medicinal and psycho-somatic paradigms of human psychology. As well as identifying major psychological theories of the 19th century and the development of modern theory both from spiritual and secular perspectives. Also engaging critically with modern psychology from the Islamic perspective and analyzing secular and Islamic models of the self etc. Get enrollment in this unique program. Because it is easy and available online.

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Islam and Psychology course

Islam and Psychology course


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