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Islam And Comparative Religions Course

Alim university offers the Islam And Comparative Religions Course. However this course is beneficial for those having an interest in studying the comparison of different religions (Ahl-e-Kitab) e.g, Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastrians and Sabians.
So the course is from ALIM University online to benefit the Muslims seeking in-depth information and comparison of different Ahl-e-Kitab religions mentioned in the Holy Quran. However All these religions are in the Holly Quran, therefore evey muslims must know about it. Also The lessons are given in the light of the Quran and Ahadiths. It is for the students to establish their knowledge according of Islamic perspectives.

The content of course, Such as lessons on the introduction of different Ahl-e-Kitab religions based on Quranic Ayahs and Ahadith references, their beliefs, faith, values, level of their faith in Allah. As well as the signs and qualities of Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned in their heavenly books, their comparison with each other and with Islam, their arguments to reject Islam etc. Thus the content consists of high–value knowledge. So you can get admission to this high-level course by applying online.

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Islam And Comparative Religions Course

Islam And Comparative Religions Course


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