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Intensive Arabic Course Online

Arabic is a first priority for every Muslim to have proper understanding of the language, as the Quran, last message of Allah revealed in Arabic language. In order for a Muslim to start a career or to gain more knowledge in Islam, he/she must required at least basic to advance knowledge of Arabic depending how far a student wanted to study . It is obligated for every Muslim to have enough understanding of Arabic that he will be able to understand direct speech of Allah without going thru translation, if he is non Arab speaker.
ALIM has managed to provide Arabic course thru the mostly used books in Arabic Course of Madinah Islamic University from Book 1 to Book 3.

Each book will be studied through out 2 Semesters, in order for a student to study more easily without feeling burden or pressure and that requires long hours of study. The exams will include quizzes, midterm, final exam and writing assignments.

There will be course outline, textbook pdf format and available video lectures from the book online.
Course Credit 3
Duration: 18 Weeks


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