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Hijama Course Online

Hijama (the Cupping therapy), is a Sunnah method of treatment to cure many diseases. Therefore the Hijama course online is beneficial for the people dealing with Health care practices, health care practitioners, health care professionals. It is Also for those who associated directly or indirectly with healthcare systemsand departments. Thus it is an Islamic, old and effective method of treatment now upgraded with modern tools and technologies to make the treatment more effective.

So the syllabus of this course includes a history, Such as Islamic medicine, Prophetic medicine, Islamic methods of treatment, history of cupping therapy, its old and new methods, precautionary measures, diseases in which it is effective and important dates for it etc. However the course structure is both theory-based and practical-based.It includes lessons, quiz and exercises on the completion of each lesson, demonstration on tips, tools, and techniques to perform it, assessment tests and a final exam. Although on the course completion, the students will able to perform Hijama to cure certain diseases. Also keep in mind the precautionary measures to avoid any dangerous situations.

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Hijama course

Hijama course


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