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Hifz Short Surah Program

This online program is for children, new Muslims and for those weak learners who are unable to Hifz whole Juz 30. Therefore in this course, students will learn to Hifz some very short surahs of Juz 30 that are very easy to memorize. However the purpose is to make the people Hifz short surah to recite in Salah. ALIM University is now initiating this program for all Muslims intending to make them memorize at least some portion of the Holy book of Allah.

So the course content includes the lessons of the last short surahs of Juz 30.As well as  the purpose of their revelation, their brief introduction, recitation with correct pronunciation and instructing the students to repeat each lesson until is memorized. Generally Learning outcomes are beneficial, and students become proficient in the Hifz of some short Surahs of Juz 30. After that they can recite any of these Surahs confidently in Salah after Surah Al-Fatiha recitation. You can enroll your children in this course to become proficient in short Surah Hifz at an early age. This will help the child to build up his memory for memorization of more Surahs with age. Opportunity is available now. Take the advantage of it to get registered right now.

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Hifz short surah

Hifz short surah


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