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Helping Hand Program

Helping each other is a great virtue of morality. Modern-day people specifically need education on developing moral values, especially the morality of helping hands. So ALIM University is now offering an online helping hand program on the morality of helping others. However this programe will educate people about comprehensively give helping hand to other and its blessings.

The syllabus of this program comprises of the introduction of Islamic moral values with specific attention, being on the topic “to help others”, its significance from Quranic verses and Ahadiths and their explanations. Furthermore the knowledge about the rewards promised by Allah in return to provide help to the people in need. However the structure of the program is divided into two types of approaches. The first type of approach is the theoretical approach in which lessons will deliver on the topic of “helping hand” the importance of helping others. Thus the second approach is practical that involve exercises and training on “how to be a helping hand”. The students may then train others to be part of a “helping hand”.

You can enroll in different courses one of them is hifz juz 30 course

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Helping Hand Program

Helping hand program


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