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Halal and Haram Diploma Online

Alim university designed Islamic Halal and Haram Diploma online for the Muslims. Who want to be a food technologists, industrial manufacturing specialists, chemical engineers, chemists, business development managers, head Shariah department, import-export managers, lecturers and Audit officers. As well as those who have linked directly or indirectly food industries, bakeries and organizations. Allah has ordered Muslims to eat only Halal foods and avoid Haram foods.

The objective is to educate the students about the importance of eating Halal food. The content of course includes developing an understanding of the Quranic Ayahs and Ahadiths, Fundamentals of Halal concepts, introduction to Halal food industry, detailed information about the Halal food industry of modern era. In addition the demands of halal food in Muslim communities, Shariah issues in Halal food, Knowledge on production and export of Halal meat, Halal awareness education, Knowledge about labeling, packaging, and coating of Halal foods etc. However the course is worth taking to develop an in-depth understanding of Halal foods. Thus people associated with food industries can prosper in their field by attaining this course. If you are interested then confirm your registration as soon as possible at ALIM University.

You can enroll in different courses one of them is haya and hijab course

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Halal and Haram Diploma Online

Halal and Haram Diploma


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