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40 Hadith Course For Kids

This Hadith Course For Kids is planned to make little kids familiar with the importance of Ahadiths and Sunnah at a very early age. The kid will learn to develop a love for Ahadiths and Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). However he will remain connected to the short lessons given in Ahadiths. Make the precious time of your kid useful by making him join this valuable online 40 Hadith Course For Kids available at ALIM University. This will also assist to improve the memorizing capability of your kid.

So 40 Hadith short and easy-to-learn Ahadiths chose for the course content. The main points will be Iman, Akhlaq, good morals, belief in Allah, following the Holy Prophet (PBUH), being obedient to parents, being polite to neighbors, sharing is caring, Kindness to animals, respect to elders, strength lies in unity, avoid lying and deceiving, never feel proud over wealth, honesty is the best policy and education on the development of many new good habits at an early age. This course is worth joining as it is going to be a great and valuable asset for you and your kid. New Muslims who don’t know much about Ahadiths can also benefit from this opportunity. Enrollment is free of cost and available online.

Explore the world of hadith-Hadith Course For Kids

Where the stories and insights of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) come alive for children. Share these lessons with your kids to empower them with knowledge and wisdom, and foster a love for hadith in their hearts. The Holy Quran is the eternal miracle of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). New Muslims who don’t know much with regards to Ahadiths can likewise profit from this chance. However, it is not just a book. It is the living, breathing Quran that speaks to all those who are willing to listen with their hearts.
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Hadith Course For Kids

Hadith Course For Kids


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