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Hadith Course Online Diploma

Hadith are the narrations of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) are the most important part of Islam. These are the detailed description of the Quran. Howeer hadith explains many commandments which are unclear in Quran and guides us in the right direction. Therefor After Quran, Hadith is the primary source of law. Hadith means any utterance, action or quality associated with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We must get the right knowledge of Hadith by the Hadith course online Diploma program and at the same time to avoid fake knowledge that may misguide us. Because in today’s digital world many sayings are not associated with Prophet (PBUH) are circulating on social media and people begin to follow them blindly.

ALIM University is the platform that is offering an Online Hadith Diploma program that enables the student to achieve authentic and right knowledge of hadith. The program includes detail insight into the knowledge of hadith, research, its types (Sahih, Hasan, Gharib, etc.), an introduction of narrators and a brief description of their life. After the course, students will be able to identify real Ahadith from fake ones and real degrees (Darjah) of hadith. This is the right time to get this knowledge. Lets enroll in the Online Hadith Diploma that is free of cost.

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Hadith Course Online Diploma


Hadith course online Diploma


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