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Fiqh Of Taharah Course

Fiqh of Taharah (cleanliness) course is about the part of faith (Iman) of a Muslim. Our faith is incomplete without Taharah. Therefore we cannot perform any Ibadah without Taharah. So this online Taharah Course aims is to educate the Muslims about the Masail of Taharah (problems of cleanliness and purity). Thus ALIM University is initiating this course to educate the students about the importance of cleanliness in daily life routine with Islamic perspective.

Therefore the syllabus of the course includes basic Taharah lessons, understanding Quranic verses and Ahadiths about Taharah, methods of Taharah, lessons on ablution and Ghusl, Tayammum, methods of Ghusl and situations in which Taharah becomes wajib. Furthermore the course structure is on both theory-based and practical-based. In the theory section lessons on Taharah, It will be deliver with Quran and Ahadith references. On the other hand in the practical section, practical demonstration of ablution and tayammum, It will perform for the students to develop in-depth understanding. So The course is essential for everyone including children and adults. Admissions are open now, reserve your seat online.

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Fiqh Of Taharah Course

Fiqh of Taharah


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