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Fiqh Of Ramadhan Course Online

Fiqh of Ramadhan Course Online assists the Muslims to get prepared for Ramadhan to get a maximum reward. The course keeps the students engaged in doing tasks that help them get more and more rewards from Allah. However at the same time teach them to avoid sinful acts as much as possible. So the goal is to educate the students about the importance of Ramadhan, Fasting of Ramadhan, Revelation of the Holy Quran, the purpose of its revelation and the importance of Sadaqah-e-Fitr. Therefore  ALIM University has made this course easy to access by any Muslim in any part of the world by conducting it online and charging no registration fee for it.

The outline of this course is entirely practical. Such as Dawrah-e-Quran, understanding translation of some chosen Surah, learning some Ahadiths, practicing to offer Salah on time five times a day, developing a habit of reciting morning and evening Dhikr, doing Astaghfar and making prayers at the time of Iftar. Furthermore attending this course increases the level of faith (Iman) during Ramadhan and maintains it even after Ramadhan. So this course should be the choice of every Muslim because there should be no compromise on increasing the level of Iman. Join for free now.

You can enroll in different courses one of them is fiqh of taharah course

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Fiqh of Ramadhan Course


Fiqh of Ramadhan Course


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