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Fiqh Of Fasting Course Online

Fiqh Of Fasting Course Online with a specific topic program that is fasting (Saum). Therefore It allows the Muslims to develop a high-level understanding about this basic responsibility to attain maximum reward of it. Abu-Hurairah (R. A) narrated that

“Allah said, all the deeds of Bani-Adam (people), are for them, except fasting which is for me and I will reward for it”
(Bukhari: 1904

To attain the maximum reward from Allah, Then every Muslim have to prepare and perform this obligation in the right way as well as  described by Quran and Hadith.
Therefore ALIM University is introducing Online Siyam Course to help the Muslims to achieve an optimal level of benefit in reward of Fasting. Hence It is available free of cost for the maximum people to have access to this blessed program. The course content consists of Fast (Saum), it lughwi and Istalahi (explanatory) meaning, its purpose, blessing and rewards, the difference between farz (obligatory) and Nafil fats, important days and dates of fasting in days other than Ramadhan, days in which fasting is prohibited Saum-ul-Qaza, understanding Tazkiyah Nafs by fasting and relief in leaving fast in specific situations such as traveling and sickness etc. So enroll here and you can get the blessed knowledge from this online program.

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Fiqh Of Fasting Course

Fiqh Of Fasting Course


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