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Day Of Judgement Course Day Of Qiyamah

Allah has created this world temporarily. One day we all have to leave this world on our time scheduled by Allah. Also all our actions here are being recorded and we will be judged on the day of Judgement, the day of Qayamah, and will get our reward, good or bad on the basis of our actions. There is another world created by Allah that is permanent. Allah will make us enter either in Paradise or Hell on the basis of our deeds in this world, At the end that will be the permanent life. All Muslims have faith on the day of judgment. Fortunately Alim university provides the Day of judgement course also.

The day of judgment course is a distinctive course and allows its students to get prepared for that final day to be successful in the eyes of Allah. Generally The main course content focuses on faith in the day of judgment and its significance, death, the journey of the soul, knowledge about the minor and major signs of the day of judgment, resurrection, destruction of Earth, different situations of people on the final day, easy and good deeds to be successful and many others. Before course completion, quiz and final exam will be conducted to make a thorough assessment of the knowledge of students. So join now to begin your preparation for the day of judgment to be successful in permanent life.

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Day Of Judgement Course

Day Of Judgement Course


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