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There are a great many career fields which build on studies in Islamic Studies. In exploring options, reflect on the skills you have developed through your Bachelor of Arts and whether it is appropriate to complement these with more specialized skills in a postgraduate program. Islamic University Muslim online Jobs network helps Muslims to start their career even from entry level to advance level to build their future and have Halal income online.

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Job ID: 03222401
TITLE: Required Mufti Job Online
REQUIREMENT: Must be English Fluent in academic writings
JOB: The teacher will be assigned a student to handle will be instructed how to proceed with students in education.

Job ID: 04252301
TITLE: PhD Graduate for Doctorate Department
REQUIREMENT: Graduate Degree in PhD/Doctorate
JOB: The graduate has to evaluate papers and thesis and supervise the students.

Job ID: 04252302
TITLE: Online Quran, Tajweed, Memorizing Teacher male/female
-Can speak English
-HD camera/webcam
-HD Mic
-Accommodate global students
-Must have syllabus, curriculum and proper plan
JOB: Must be able to accommodate global students have advanced level teaching method.

Job ID: 04252303
TITLE: Social Media Manager and Marketing
REQUIREMENT: Must have experience in social media marketing
JOB: Have to create marketing materials and publish around social media platforms

Job ID: 04252304
TITLE: Affiliate Program for Students
REQUIREMENT: Affiliate Marketing
JOB: Any student looking to get free admission and no application fee. Recommend others to register in a degree program.

Job ID: 04252305
TITLE: Faculty Department Teacher
REQUIREMENT: Must be fluent in English and specialize in Islamic Major Department
JOB: The teacher has to accommodate and go thru papers and mark them and interact with students.

Job ID: 04252306
TITLE: Marketing Manager
REQUIREMENT: Must understand ALIM University structure of admission and education
JOB: The marketing manager will encourage students online/offline and in their circle to get admission.

Job ID: 04252307
TITLE: Evaluate Thesis and Research Papers
REQUIREMENT: Masters in English
JOB: Evaluate student papers and read and mark the thesis.

Job ID: 04252308
TITLE: YouTube Channels Manager and Marketing
REQUIREMENT: YouTube Content Creator
JOB: YouTube Channels Manager, Must be professional editor and content creator. Animations and education videos, thumbnails, Handle more channels with random videos uploading and managing through SEO, hashtags, Tags, Title Etc.