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Black Magic Mental Illness Course Online

Sihr (magic) can destroy a healthy life. Some evil mind people do sihr to disturb the lives of others just to satisfy their ego. Allah declared the person who does sihr, a kafir. As well as at the same time, Allah has blessed his true believers by providing them sources to get rid of the effects of sihr. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was once affected by sihr, done by a Jew, and fell severally ill. Jibril (AS) removed the effect of sihr done on Holy Prophet (PBUH) by reciting Muadha Taen over Him. Thus Black magic Protection Program is going to be initiated by ALIM University. However it will educate the people about the right resources to get rid of the effects of sihr.

So the syllabus of this program consists of the Arabic recitation of Surahs which are specific for the elimination of sihr, such as Surah Al-Baqarah, Surah Al-Fatiha, Muadha Taen, Aayat-ul-Kurs. However some verses from selected Surahs which include some verses of Surah Al-Sa’faat, Surah Al-Jinn  and some verses from Surah Al-Rahman. The focus will be on understanding the purpose of revelation of these Surahs and verses, their translation and Tafseer and understanding their powerful effects in the elimination of Sihr in the light of Ahadiths. Every Muslim must gain knowledge of this program to protect him and his family from the evil effects of sihr Jins.

You can enroll in different courses one of them is Darood-e-Ibrahimi Program Online

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Black Magic Mental Illness Course Online

Black Magic Mental Illness Course Online


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