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Arabic Grammar Diploma

Arabic Grammar Diploma is beneficial to those who want to learn Quran recitation based on grammar, also who want to understand the meaning of Quran sentences with Nahwi Tarakeeb, and wantt to avoid mistakes in Arabic speaking. This course is equally beneficial for teenagers and adults who are seeking Islamic knowledge, and want to build a strong knowledge base. So islamic teachers involved in teaching the Arabic grammar and Lughat. However it will boost their skills of imparting knowledge by attaining high-valued skills in this diploma course. You need to apply online at ALIM University to get free of cost admission.

The course content includes Ilm-ul-Sarf, Ilm-ul-Nahaw, Lughat-ul-Arabia, Quran, Hadith, understanding the knowledge of Kalmah, Isam, Fa’el (verb), Harf (letter), Jumlah (sentence), Qawaid (Rules) etc. Thus all these skills will cover in this diploma course by step-by-step process. Learn outcomes that students will achieve on the completion of this course. Furthermore it also include the development of the capability to understand the basics of Arabic Grammar, ability to identify Isam, Fael, Harf, and master to join them to make sentences, and become skillful in Nahwi Tarakeeb of different sentences and Quranic Ayahs. So get online registration at ALIM University and confirm this course for you right now.
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Arabic Grammar Diploma Course
Arabic Grammar Diploma


Arabic Grammar Diploma Course


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