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Arabic Calligraphy Course

Arabic Calligraphy artwork has long been praised for its beautiful and amazing form and line work. It has a very old history. However The course is designed for all, kids and adults and who are interested in learning calligraphy. Islamic Calligraphy as an artwork includes other types of calligraphy arts as well as Persian, Ottoman, etc. The course is entirely practical based to give hands-on experience to students. Now, Arabic Calligraphy course is available online at ALIM University easy to apply, also it is free of cost.

The aim this course is to enhance the learning ability at Calligraphy. The content includes a brief introduction of calligraphy, history of Islamic and Arabic Calligraphy, lettering exercises, training to learn and practice basic lettering. students will also learn about the practice tools used in calligraphy. The students will be able to develop a deeper and clearer understanding and appreciation of this striking artwork especially by practicing and exploring the history of Islam and Arabic Calligraphy. If you want to involve in a field that is interesting and pleasant at the same time this course is worth choosing for you. Admissions are open now. So Confirm your registration as soon as possible before it gets too late.
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Arabic Calligraphy Course Online

Arabic Calligraphy course


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