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Aqeedah Course

Aqeedah course, belief matters a lot for us to be successful in this life and Aakhirah. Right belief can open the paths of success, while the wrong beliefs mislead us. Belief is the most crucial part of any religion. To be a Muslim, belief in Allah is the foremost and essential requirement. Without having true faith in Allah and accepting Muhammad (PBUH) His last Prophet, no one can be a Muslim. Getting the right education to have the right beliefs is therefore necessary.

We are offering at ALIM University, Aqeedah Essentials Course online completely free of cost. The course outline includes education on the basic beliefs of Islam. It includes Tawheed, Risalah, belief in angels, belief in all the heavenly books of Allah, belief in all the prophets and messengers of Allah, belief on the day of judgment and resurrection, and belief in Qadr (good or bad) by Allah. The purpose of course is to rightly guide the students about the basic beliefs of Islam. This program is for students of all ages, kids and adults equally. It is easily approachable by all because of its free of cost and online availability. Get yourself or your child registered in this course without any further delay.
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Aqeedah course


Aqeedah course


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