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Alimah Program

Alimah Program Online is about a six year complete degree program for Muslim sisters. Especially designed for those, desire to learn about Islam in depth and continue with the education system to establish their network to forward the teachings to others.

Alimah Course of ALIM University is based on purely on Quran and Hadith similar to Madinah university partial curriculum, including an academic strong foundation of academic foreign writing styles to build international Muslim scholars to work on advanced level and work through global not onoly within the circle of limited groups within Islam.

Alimah Course of ALIM is not a system linked to any madhhab or format of a particular education system linked in India or Pakistan or any particular groups, but totally based on pure teachings of Islam without restricting to any sect of Islam.

Program Majors

-Islamic Banking
-Islamic Psychology
-Ruqyah Course
-Prophetic Medicine
Much More

Start and finish anytime, flexible study program. The student will have syllabus, study format, video lectures, quizzes, exams, midterm, final, research projects. Everything will be online and the study accordingly their schedule without any due date or time restrictions.

Alimah Course Syllabus is a structure that is developed in such a way that a student will broadly research in a wide range of paths through multi schools of thoughts. As well as It includes his judgment based on the research and in-depth understanding of traditional Islam to modern era problematic conflicts to modern issues also this is a complete online Islamic education program that protect from misguidance as well as learn authentic Islamic thoughts from its original roots that is Prophet PBUH and the Sahabahs RA.

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