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Alim Degree

Alim degree program is a brief, detailed, collective and comprehensive studies of traditional Islamic studies. Thus in-depth is is also the education of Islamic sciences. However this course is journey of a Muslim students, with a purpose to become scholar and also move towards a further in studies to be a leader. On the other hand in Muslim community scholars move towards the right path through this Course and get Islamic knowledge. In addition to spent many years in dedicating his time to Muslim community and sharpen their skills in both the Arabic Language and in memorizing the Quran and learn about the basics of Islam, developing a solid foundation of correct beliefs, understanding sharia, and adhering to Islamic guidelines in day-to-day life.

It is a structure that is developed in a way in which a student will broadly research in wide range of paths through multi schools of thoughts and aslo include his judgment based on the research. In-depth understanding of Islamic tradition into modern era problematic conflicts to modern issues and this Degree is a complete Islamic education program online that protect from getting misguidance and also help to learn the authentic Islamic knowledge from its original roots through Prophet PBUH and the Sahabahs RA.

Alim Degree Online
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ALIM University offering hundreds of free diploma courses and degree programs up to PhD also the Jurist Mufti Course Program Online.

You can also enroll in different courses one of them is Alim course for sisters

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Alim Course Online
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Alim Degree


Alim Degree


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