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Alim Course for Sisters Online Diploma and Degree Program. It is very miserable that Muslim society focus on development of boys than the girls. Muslim sisters’s Islamic education is more important than Muslim man’s Islamic education due to many reasons that needs more attention.

When the Prophet PBUH passed away, our mother Aisha RA was about 18 years of age and called mother of believers due to that she spent about 50 years of her life for the service of Islam and spreading education that she learned from the Prophet PBUH in her married life and through the life of  Sahabahs and She became the source of education for whole Ummah to learn Islamic rules and regulations.

Muslim parents during the growth of their children pay more attention to boys than girls. A girl become wife and mother but children’s first teacher is their mother. If the mother has Islamic education then she will be able to build the islamic character of a kids however its natural that a  kid adopt from mother more than father therefore an alim course for sisters will resolve this problems.

ALIM University planned an Alim courses online for both boys and girls without any discriminations or differentiating. We encourage more girls’ students than boys, as there isn’t much sources available for Muslim Sisters Islamic Courses Online.

Alim Course For Sisters Online Diploma And Degree

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