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“Alim” A Muslim Scholar

ALIM stands for Academic Learning Islamic Methodology . It has several meanings, as like, it means a person who has the knowledge of something. In the words of Islam, a person who has studied and has the knowledge of general education of Islam is “alim”. It is also a name of Allah as “The Knowing” as Allah knows everything and has knowledge of His entire creations. However this precisely refers to a particular person who knows about the particular knowledge of Islam. It is also a Muslim Scholar, a person who has in-depth knowledge of issues of modern society and can apply the rules and fundamentals of Quran and traditions of the Prophet PBUH as a muslim scholar.

ALIM University has several departments however it is an institution where a person not only get education of Islam but also learn the qualities of scholar. It also provides the leadership courses as well as it also moves to further advance studies. This university offers the academic education on higher level as well as gives the free diplomas about academic education.
You can also enroll in different courses one of them is ALIM Course

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Alim a Muslim scholar


Alim a Muslim scholar


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