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Fundamentals of Faith Islam101 ISM101

After testifying as Muslim, believing in true religion Islam. It is obligated for a Muslim to believe in fundamentals of Faith. If a Muslim does not fully believe in 6 pillars of faith, he is not a Muslim. This course is an opportunity especially for new converts and Muslims has least level of proper knowledge in Islam to understand the doctrines of faith and understand Islam from its roots.

The students will get chance to test their own faith and if they have doubts, the course will remove the doubts and will help students to change their way of thinking about actual reasons of human created with purpose. Students will have knowledge towards more further studies and into depth understanding about the belief in the Angels yields great benefits amongst them. This book will also help the students to study in detail about the foundations of the Islamic Faith that how to establish the sincere intention and worship to all ALLAH alone, and also how to safeguarding the intention and action against deviation.


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