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ALIM is operating on lowest budget with sincere intention to please Allah and continue the mission of Prophet SAW. ALIM is offering lowest tuition plan to encourage students to register but do not stop due to lack of financial sources, but we want it to let it go lowest possible that the teachers and management can survive daily sustenance. 

We have started a plan the the donations that will be received on ALIM will 100% be used in helping those students, those who cannot afford the expense, but yet want to continue their studies and graduate and make their dream come true.

Example those students less fortunate in the matters of disability and lack of physical resources or lack of travel or lack of going out for Dawah. Our heart and doors are open to such students and are welcome to join and it’s a founder’s promise, our pure intention is to please Allah for providing every help our community needs especially those with less fortune of physical and financial. We do not want to stop the education.

Just think the donations is used for someone’s education, it becomes sadaqah jariyah on day of judgement and could lead towards Jannah.

We encourage everyone to donate what ever you are capable for are 100% used in education system to help students continue their education and fulfil their dreams.

Please donate either way is convenient for you.

May Allah accept your sincere charity to please Allah and make this sadaqah jariyah for judgement day, Ameen