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Dr Ammaar Saeed is an American Muslim Scholar, an Author and Chaplain. He is a Founder of Islamic Research Foundation New York (IRFNY), AHAD TV, ALIM University and Shariah Council of America.

He completed his Masters in Islamic Studies from International Open Islamic University followed by years of research in Shariah law. He has double Majored in Computer Science and Business Administration. He also holds degrees in Airline Agency Business, Software Programming, Accounting, Media and Broadcasting and also a New York Family Court Counselor. He completed PhD in Counseling Psychology from Theology University.

He had issued thousands of verdicts/fatwas in Shariah as independent Jurist by following Quran and Traditions of The Prophet SAW, without restricting to particular madhhab. He has counseled hundreds of Muslims throughout the world in family and Shariah matters.

He has authored numerous books available on Amazon and are being sold worldwide. The majority of testimonials are about the books are, it is written in best simplest language that anyone can read even common Muslim can understand, get clear message and understanding of subject.

He is also a student of comparative religions especially in the field of Christianity, and had dialogues with Christians and other religious ministers and spent over decade in the work of Dawah to Non-Muslims, thru work of Dawah, by the Will of Allah hundreds of Non-Muslims reverted to Islam.

Islamic Research Foundation New York (IRFNY), AHAD TV Media network currently owns about more than three thousand websites, hundreds of social medias, hundreds of  YouTube channels, five thousand+ free Islamic books and publications and about half million data on Google with aim to promote authentic Islamic Education Medias and publications and present true Islam to Muslims and Non Muslims.

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01 Dec 2021