ALIM was a founded in 2021 by Dr Ammaar Saeed with aim to provide Islamic and academic education thru a way that would be easier with similar manner, discipline and curriculum that students receive on offline campus. The development of ALIM took about two years and launched in 2021.

ALIM’s aim is to build future scholars and professional student of knowledge of Islam. The power of authentic knowledge is a protection towards division in Islam and from misguidance. Islam teaches not to divide and ALIM system of education based purely on Quran and authentic traditions with providing academic education with partial curriculum based on Islamic academic universities. ALIM has planned, developed, designed and structured in a way with intention that anyone with basic knowledge of computer can utilize the system easily, rather creating complicated applications and going thru several pages and forms.

According to students demand and by the decision of advisory committee, ALIM will continue making changes that would be more beneficial to students by adding and offering wide range of academic programs that would build student future with academic degree.

ALIM system of education courses are mostly on research based and provided guidelines of available media and materials online and with credit system after all progress report of the course. The guidelines will be provided in each course overview material. It will include overview, text books, assignments, quiz, midterm and final exam guidelines.

The courses will be based on working very hard in research projects, that would allow a chance for a student to dig hard in to sea to explore more references and present thesis. The students will be guided in a practice of international academic writing styles.